We defend.
We lead the offense.
From our tower.

We are a brand consultancy established in Valencia since 2016. We partner with brands to transform, differentiate, evolve and, as a whole, make them a more competitive business.

Good moves. Good brands.
Only good moves will get you the win. Creativity, management, strategy, design and technology can’t be left aside by brands. We work with that purpose and we help businesses and corporations to be different, compete and win.


Good brands are those born with a purpose, to win, to create solutions and propose.

Dynamic environments, much alive, made to reach the brand’s goals. Good brands give value, a path and competitiveness.

In strategy
we trust.

“If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.”

Strategy is the backbone of decision making. On top of the strategic phase we build identity, positioning and value. There’s no path without profound thinking, analysis, study, thoroughness and coherence.

& Tech.

It’s not a way. It is the way. Creativity opens infinite possibilities. It is the vector leading the human and business structure of our brand.

Creativity and technology together as shifting elements.
No matter what.


Combining a good management, strategy and creativity for the brand pushes businesses towards competitiveness and profit.

Dynamic environments, much alive, made to reach the brand’s goals. Good brands give value, a path and competitiveness.

Javier Latorre

Creative Founder & Owner

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Founding partner with a fifteen year career in the design and communication industry. Leader of the studio in the creative and art direction departments as well as project management and traffic.

Antonio Morillas

Art Director

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Developed his professional career since 2008, first through his own design studio in Málaga and then as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in advertising, in Madrid. Leader of the design team.

Lorena Lázaro

Senior Graphic Designer

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Lorena has been a freelance designer most of her career, also working for more than twelve years at Valencia Football Club as an Art Director and Production Manager. She’s in charge of Customer Management and Production.

Pablo Carbonell

Video & Motion Designer

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With a degree in Arts, Pablo’s talent and relentlessness in getting better every day gives Latorre Studio the chance to think and create in motion.

Marta Marco

Brand Consultant & Planner

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With four years of experience in the business marketing area, Marta has shifted her career towards a more creative approach as a designer and strategic planner for the studio.